UnNoticed Entrepreneur - public relations for business

Soundbites: UnNoticed Alastair McDermott

November 18, 2021 Jim James
UnNoticed Entrepreneur - public relations for business
Soundbites: UnNoticed Alastair McDermott
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If you want to know how to get noticed this show is for you. I have interviews, tools, tips, everything that an entrepreneur could need in order to help their organization to get noticed for free. Thank you for joining me on the unnoticed show.

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Alistair McDermott:

If you take the phrase recognized authority in your field, is that last part in your field, you actually have to niche down you have to specialize. You know, the pigeonholes are stuffed with cash. I wanted to build my authority, become more, well-known become recognized in my field. I realized, well, you know, it's like I'm wearing this cloak of invisibility, like from Harry Potter. So I needed to remove that cloak of invisibility in some way. Niching down can, can give us this tremendous advantage when we're competing with somebody and they have a general experience and we have this specialist experience. We want to be able to charge more, to command higher fees. We want to work with better clients, bigger clients, help more people. I surveyed over a thousand consultants and what I found was that referrals were the number one source of business there's a certain point for networking doesn't scale anymore. So my preferred route forward, is that I'm a little bit more of an introvert. I like to create content. And so that's what this kind of route to authority gives you is, is the ability to do this inbound marketing. You have to, you have to expose your ideas and your thoughts to the public. You are more likable, more intelligent sounding, and your work sounds more important when you have higher quality audio, It took me six years to, to get this right. So I hope to accelerate people on that, go to therecognizedauthority.com, you'll even find a guide called "That Sounds Good", which is a free guide to audio and video equipment. You might find. useful