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Soundbites: Why your company maybe guilty of lying, and how to fix it.

November 30, 2021 Jim James
UnNoticed Entrepreneur - public relations for business
Soundbites: Why your company maybe guilty of lying, and how to fix it.
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My guest accuses marketing people of being liars, but of course unintentionally. It's because there is one fundamental problem with the way organisations work; people don't communicate meaningfully. In 20 delightful minutes, we talk about how to fix the human communication problem: by figuring out what truly connects us, rather than what pulls us apart.

Gina Balarin is an inspirational TEDx and keynote speaker, storyteller and B2B marketing leader. An FCIM Chartered Marketer with an MEd in management communication, she is the author of The Secret Army: Leadership, Marketing and the Power of People. Gina’s goal is to inspire meaningful communication as part of a larger BHAG – to eliminate human suffering at work!

References will include theory and models of communication, personality profiles including the DISC model, references to the WHY institute (and our 9 WHYs) and how marketing has evolved.

p.s. Gina, this one is for you. :) 

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Gina Balarin:

One the biggest problems is that we assume that people hear things in the same way are communicating them. And so what ends up happening is a fundamental miscommunication because people don't actually understand that what they're saying is not necessarily being understood by the person who's listening. The important thing is to think of your brand as a reflection of who you are and who you want to appear to be. And that really comes down to defining how you want to talk to people. The thing is we live in a completely different world now where it is possible to listen to our customers at scale. Marketers can't afford to lie because they actually just need to understand what their audience wants; we actually start with the fundamental problem that we're solving for people. A lot of product marketers who I know at the moment use Facebook to test hypotheses it's even possible to use the little polls on LinkedIn to test hypotheses as well. Social media fundamentally changed the nature of marketing communication so that it was no longer possible or no longer advisable for organizations just to have one way communication. One of the most important lessons I think I can share with anyone who's trying to communicate effectively with their audience is rather try something, anything, if you get it wrong the first time, that's great because you can learn from it. That's what Verballistics stands for. Genuinely meaningful communication.