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Looking for a new way to freshen up your podcast or audio content to #getnoticed?

January 18, 2022 Jim James
UnNoticed Entrepreneur - public relations for business
Looking for a new way to freshen up your podcast or audio content to #getnoticed?
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I wanted to freshen up my upcoming podcast episodes, including this one, with a new intro and outro. But surprisingly, no one was willing and confident enough to voice over for it, so I had to think of another way. Good thing, I stumbled into this text-to-audio bot voice generator, Talkia.

In this episode, I discuss all about Talkia, which cannot only be used for podcast intro and outro, but also for other marketing materials, presentations for business and school, etc. I also explain how it works, different voices that you can use (with sample audio for you to listen), and the cost to generate your own.

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Hello and welcome to today's episode. Now you might've heard a different voice on the intro today. And that's because I decided for a little bit of a fresh nup. The challenge was, I couldn't find anyone that was willing to do this. Took over for me just for 20 seconds. It was too short. For anybody really to be interested. It wasn't enough money. So, what I've done is I've turned to a platform called Talkia and I talk here. T a L K I a.com. Is a platform where you can make text into audio just by type of getting. And you can create amazing sounding voiceovers as I'm going to show you. Not just in your own language. But it actually translates those languages and puts them into other languages for you. So if you have a website, for example, you want multi-lingual content. All from one original source language. This will do that for you. So talk u.com as a program that's available on subscription. And you can use this where you want to create voiceovers. That sound like. Real humans or at least close enough. So it's great for a video sales letters, for examples, for, uh, educational videos for marketing videos. Training videos and even audio books, I've used it. For example, for even recording whole sessions. Of their show when for whatever reason. I didn't have the time or the energy to do it myself. And that was also cool. Is it. You can use talk here. Uh, on the internet. And so what can happen is that. Your files are all stored in the cloud. And if you have a VA. Like I do. For example, you can send them the text. And they can create the sound for you. The audio voices for you. And that's what I did. With Alex in the Philippines, I emailed her the intro. She made the intro for me when I was driving to goes to school. Then, uh, by the time I finished dropping the girls off, she sends me the audio file over my, uh, messenger. I can hear it. We can edit it and then she can load it into the script for me. So this is advanced text to speech software. You can customize the voice type, the pitch and the speed I'm going to show you. A couple of samples later. You can also add background music as we've done in the intro. And you'll hear in the outro of our show. And actually there are. Two groups of voices that you can use the wave net one. Or the Amazon one. So you may or may not know, but Amazon has got quite a sophisticated voice recognition software as indeed does Google. Of course. That's what you're getting with Alexa. Is the voice recognition. Software. This is also working with lots and lots of languages from, uh, from Western ones. N. German French, Italian, but also through to, for example, uh, Arabic. Which I did try, although it didn't read the whole sentence or me quite as I'd expected, but. It will translate automatically. Content that you write in English. Or French into the other language. There's currently a 1000 word. The limit. But a thousand words is basically one page of a four. So that should be enough for pretty much anybody. Uh, besides which what I've done is I've taken 1000, made the audio, made another thousand and sold. So you can stitch these together. Using a platform like talkia. He says a lot of time and money. One, you don't have to go out looking for someone who wants to record or is willing to record 20 seconds or 30 seconds for you. It could be kind of fun, for example, for a voice message on hold. Um, but also you can have a great deal of control there. And then on the kind of voice that you want. So really you've got your own little recording studio. On your desktop. Now. Everyone knows that text. Is great, but audio is better than text and video of course is even better than audio. So, what you can do is you can, for example, Have a PowerPoint. Record Talkiar. And have your talk here, narrate your PowerPoint. For example, if you didn't want to be recording that yourself for whatever reason, or for example, if you're going to a multi-lingual event. You could speak at an English. But have Talkia. Convert that translate that into local language, for example, Hindi or a better roofs. For example, I'm going to show you. And have that play out for other people in the audience. Who are not English speakers or native to your language. So you can explain contents so much more effective inefficiently using audio. The other thing is that a cause of video makes it look as though you've got a budget. You look like a bigger, richer. More professional company. If you've got audio in the same way as if you've got video. So having audio and video, for example, on your PowerPoint. Or on your emails? Or on your website or as part of, for example, if you go into a trade show, And you want to have a looping presentation. In multiple languages. This can do that for you without having to hire. A freelance translator, who is multi-lingual and we. All no. How hard that is. I've just done voiceovers. For a client into Bahasa, Indonesia, Thai. And Vietnamese in Asia for an automotive client. It's taken us a lot of time and money to find those people who can be convincing and do the voiceover. So voiceovers are expensive for about a two minute video. You compare about 200 to $250. Depending. If you just want a regular intro for about a minute, it cost you 80 to 90 pounds. I'm not taking anything away. From the great voiceover artists that are out there, the talent that's out there that makes, for example, a TV commercial. Come alive. Or a cartoon. Become animated. It's not going to replace that high end, but it is going to give for those of us. We don't have the budget or the time for those. Individual artists to work with us. It's going to give us an alternative. The other thing really about this is speed. I want to get this podcast out. Today I can use Talkiar in real time. It makes it for me. Whereas I've got to send something a script. As I did before. I get it back. They send three versions that don't like it out to give a reply about why I don't like it. And so on. With this, I can do it now. Many of us. And not that happy with the sound of our own voice. Or we may have a cold. Or we just sound a bit dull. We might also just want some to mix it up. Like I've got the talk here. To introduce me. Which is kind of cool because if I choose myself, it sounds a little bit strange. If you have a product that for example, would be better read by a woman. And you're a guy. You can have a woman or vice versa. And so you can really have. Oh, lots and lots of reasons why you'd want to have another voice. Another one, for example, maybe you're a young. And you're selling something to older people and you'd like sound a bit more mature. You know, there are lots and lots of different reasons. But what really matters? Is that Talkiar helps you to get there. Now I'm lucky I've got a microphone and a setup, but one person I asked to try and record this intro for me. Couldn't get a quiet enough room. And there was echo. And background noise. Talk yet removes that. So now all we do is you log in to talk here. And it's a very simple interface. You. Cut and paste or type in. What you want to speak? And automatically then you can choose different voices and you can adjust the pitch and the tone. So you can make it sound more slow. If you want to immediately make it easier or you can make it go up and down very much like this. And I'll show you what I mean did just a minute. And you can choose the kind of voices that you choose, male or female. Young or old and also with different regional accents. So you gonna have English, but American. Or French. Or German spoken English, but also you can have those local languages in local language. So enough of me speaking, let me just show you a couple of examples.


My name is Brian and I am an AI avatar myself generated by the Talkiar platform. I've been speaking on behalf of Jim. So until we meet again, Jim, and I wish you good health, a profitable business, and that you relax and create only the content which you need as defined by the active communications index. Keep communicating.

Okay, so that was Brian A. Little bit Dell, but you can hear fairly sonorous voice, just taking my texts. Let's see. Another one.


My name is Brianna and I am, and I have a thought myself generated by the Tokyo platform. I've been speaking on behalf of Jim till we meet again, Jimmy, and I wish you good health, a profitable business, and that you relax and VH only the content we issue new does defined by the active communications index.

Okay. Now we're going to have a bit of fun. And try something a little bit different. Where I translated. This into a local language


Platform at Taqiyya Alcatel at EMA Juma content index sham act unique harmonica.

So the final one, if you were trying to guess is Belorussian. And all I did was typed English. Into the, Talkia. Press the arrow to make it go across and choose a language to translate it to. And it shows Bella Russian. So you can see here. That I am able to create English language, but with an English and also a local accent. And I'm also able to take the same content, translate it and making into local language. And that took me. Five minutes. It's very, very powerful and, you know, Forbes calls it almost indistinguishable from a human's voice. Tech crunch because it eerily convincing speech and diverge says it's some of the most realistic human voices yet. It's not perfect yet. but I think that's as much to do with me. because. What you can do is you can adjust the spacing. For example, in between the words you can adjust the pitch and the tone. You can choose between the Google and the Amazon. And there are a large number of different voices. That you can choose from in there. And I have found that they don't all work with sort of equal, transparency if you like. So the one, Brian sounds very good. If you speed him up a little bit. Uh, the Belarus one, I didn't have to edit a tool that sounded very convincing. But, you know, it's not a natural language, obviously, but. It's very, very close and it's close enough. I think for 90% of applications. So you can add in. Pauses, you can change the accent. You can increase the, grade of the accents and you can also. Add in your background music, if you like. And you can also then increase or reduce the volume of the voice. Because actually you're given a track. And you can drop in clips into the track. And then below that you can add in your music fact, you can add multiple tracks. At once. So if you wanted to, you could even create a conversation. Of people speaking. All using Talkiar. So you could have an English person than a German and a Chinese all speaking together using Talkia uh, so it's a very, very powerful tool. And if you're using some of the animated PowerPoint tools, like tunely, for example, then you can make the voice. And drop that into the tune live video. That's something I've worked on with quite some success as well. So you can create an explainer PowerPoint. And a platform called, uh, Toonly actually from the same group that creates Tokyo. And then you can embed your audio just by downloading, uploading the MP3. So you can see, this is really a fantastic platform. I've been a member now for a couple of years. And they continue to give. Software updates, which is fantastic. Now. They do have here. Uh, they talk about compatibility. For example, you can use it with Photoshop, with Photoshop brush. You can use it with. Tuners I've mentioned also doodly, which is another one I like where you can write. Uh, make short boards and you can upload the audio to that. Also works with Camtasia and Filmora. How much does it cost? Well, it. Going to be a fraction of the cost of working with a full-time. Sort of voiceover artists. You can have, for example, A standard $39 a month. Which gives you a thousand words per voice over. That's what I have. 102 voices, 43 male voices, 59 female voices for youth and 30. Background music, but also I've just used my own music. I uploaded that. Now you can join a standard. And that price that is the monthly, but if you join on an annual, you save nearly 50%. It's just $20. So you can imagine. For $240, 160 pounds. You got pretty much unlimited access to voiceovers. If you want to have enterprise version. It's 40. Dollars per month on the annual, but then you've got a 5,000 words per voice over. I mean, that is really a long form. Essay most articles are only a thousand words. And as I say, I've Daisy chained. My articles together to make two articles. 1500 words and I just. Cut and paste the two MP3 files using a platform like descripted I'm using here. If you go over the enterprise, you get 404 voices, 166 male voices sounds more like a Welsh valley choir. 238 female voices, which would be, Harlem angels. 23 voices of children or use 150. Background music and commercial rights as well. So, The commercial rights, um, to. I guess what you create, um, with that music, whereas with the standard. I think you're not supposed to rebroadcast it as such. I was usually on TV. So, uh, I personally found. Talkia. Excellent. As a platform and it comes from the Group. So they also have Toonly and Doodly, which is great. So I wanted to share with you just how. The tools are available. For us now to create great content. And sometimes there are bottlenecks. Sometimes someone's not available for doing what we'd like to do. But tools. Like this one talk here or there for you, a meta use available today, online. Thank you so much for listening to this episode of the unnoticed entrepreneurs show.