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It costs less than 50 cents to get an SEO rich article using this AI writer.

January 20, 2022 Jim James
UnNoticed Entrepreneur - public relations for business
It costs less than 50 cents to get an SEO rich article using this AI writer.
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With almost everything you can search on Google, how can you be more searchable? Or more noticeable? For Fabian, it's very simple - create more efficient and more SEO-friendly content that Google can find on your sites, so people can find you. One key point - this software creates citations to all the sources which mean you can verify the facts and use the article for yourself and clients with confidence there is no plagiarism.

Fabian Langer, the founder and creator of AI writer, shares in this episode how his platform can save you time in writing but still produce a great quality article. He also explains how AI writer works and helps you create content to help you #getnoticed, and how he, a one-man entrepreneur, gets himself noticed using also his AI-written articles and SEO optimisation.

You may reach Fabian Langer at mail@ai-writer.com

LinkedIn: Fabian Langer

Check out the affiliate link below. p.s. that's not why we interviewed Fabian - we loved his product first. 

If you want to know how to get noticed this show is for you. I have interviews, tools, tips, everything that an entrepreneur could need in order to help their organization to get noticed for free. Thank you for joining me on the unnoticed show.

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Fabian Langer:

It's actually quite simple. If you want to get noticed, usually, you need to be found on Google. How do you get found on Google? By writing content that Google is able to find on your sites so people can find you. And that's how the AI writer then can help you. It can help you to create this content more efficiently, more SEO friendly. So that's the, that's the whole point. And most of the other AI writing tools, they just make stuff up on the fly. They pull all the knowledge from one length, from one AI and the AI just keeps on writing. And with my tool, you can verify everything that is written by going to the source where the information comes from. So you, you can trust basically, you can trust what the AI writer is writing.